Alchemy Mineral Blends Makeup

Alchemy Mineral Blends is an all natural Mineral Makeup company developed by two Hollywood trained makeup artists, Breanna Ortola and Sally walker, with a goal to create make-up that balances art with science. Alchemy is designed to nurture the skin from the inside out while offering a flawless finish that looks as good as it feels. Unlike traditional makeup, the Alchemy line is mineral based, 100% natural, water and sweat resistant, paraben free, and is void of unhealthy perfumes, talcs and dyes. The foundation even contains zinc and vitamins A and E for gorgeous, healthy skin, and also blends perfectly with every skin tone.  What's more, Alchemy products provide sun protection up to SPF 30 and acts as a natural anti-oxidant, protecting the skin from any pollutants or free radical damage.  Translation? Wearing Alchemy Mineral Blends is actually better for the skin than wearing no makeup at all! If that weren't enough, all of the products are highly pigmented, so a little bit goes a long way!

The cornerstone of the Alchemy Mineral Blends line is a broad spectrum of foundations, ranging from loose minerals to pressed powders.  The loose mineral formula provides full coverage while still giving the skin a next-to-nude look and feel.  With Alchemy, you never see "makeup." You simply see beautiful, flawless skin. Available in a wide variety of color formulations as well as custom blended hues that perfectly match the skin's color, tone and texture, Alchemy's foundations and many other loose mineral products can be purchased pre-filled into a self dispensing brush, or purchased loose in a container for use with a traditional application brush, or as a refill. All loose minerals come with an SPF of 26, an imperative component for protecting and ensuring ageless skin. 

For color, Alchemy offers natural lip gloss and lip sticks that are staurated with mineral pigments and loaded with antioxidants, delivering moisturizing color that stays put. Alchemy Mineral Blends also features an expansive collection of ultra fine mineral eye shadows that glide on effortlessly and feel as good as they look.  The mineral formulation also ensures that colors tay where you put them without any creasing or fading. What's more, the entire Alchemy eye color collection is valued at the perfect price point for those wishing to dip their toes into the line without making a large initial investment. 

In summary, Alchemy's potions may not turn your skin to gold, but they have all the ingredients to make you golden!

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