Everyone loves autumn. The changing leaves make everything more beautiful and we're starting to get cozy in our wool sweaters and boots. PSL's are replacing roof top margaritas and we're prepping our wardrobe for winter! 

With that said, it's also time to start prepping your skincare regime for the harsh winter months! During the winter the cold, dry Colorado weather really does a number on our skin. When it's cold out, there's less moisture in the air causing our skin cells begin to lose moisture, leading to redness, flakiness, and chapped skin. 

Preparing your skin before hand prevent that process and keep you looking healthy and beautiful until the snow melts!

1. Start with water: Keeping yourself hydrated and healthy from the inside out is key! Water helps our body run efficiently and, of course, keeps us from being dehydrated. There's a reason why everyone in Boulder walks around with a water bottle in their bag... but you knew that right? ;)... Another note about water: when showering or washing your face, very hot water has drying effects so be sure to use warm water! 


2. Schedule a facial: Regular exfoliation keeps skin energized and hydrated by removing dead skin cells and allowing for cell turn over. By removing the dead skin cells you will maintain an even, healthy glow because chapped skin is less likely to become irritated and red. Our Advanced Exfoliaiton Glycolic facial is perfect for this! 


3. Moisturize: Obviously, harsh winter conditions require us to keep skin moisturized constantly! Applying a daily moisturizer that works for your skin type is essential to sealing in moisture. We love Andalou Naturals day and night creams, available at Whole Foods and Pharmaca! 


4. Protect with SPF: The winter is an ideal time to let your skin heal from any damage or exposure caused by the sun during the summer. Even if it's cloudy or snowy out, UV rays are still penetrating your skin so be sure to use your SPF and even a hat. 





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