2015 Oscars Beauty Winner

2015 Oscars Beauty Winner

2015 Oscars Beauty Winner

Hollywood outdid themselves with the glamour this year. From the natural smokey eye to the bold lip, this beauty has stolen our makeup obsessed hearts!

Margot Robbie's lip color was the perfect red and orange combo, bringing the 50's glamour back. Her skin was more than flawless with just a flush of soft pink like our Coral Root blush. But our favorite part about this look is her PERFECTLY groomed brows!  

How to get the brows: Be sure to see a professional to get the brows in their absolute perfect shape for your face. We are loving "the fuller the better" look this year!

Use Alchemy's brow powder with an angled brow brush. Swipe a brow gel over top to hold in place.  Highlight just below the brow with Buttercup Shadow to really highlight the shape.  Can't create the look yourself? Come into Alchemy's Powder Room and we will show you how for your individual self!  Book here today!


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