Angel in the Fire

Hello Alchemy Viewers!
Recently Sally and I did a photoshoot here in our beautiful hometown of Boulder, CO. As most of you know, Boulder had a terrible fire that spread throughout the foothills. Beth Sanders was the photographer as well as the creator of the entire shoot. Beth said, "The idea behind 'Angel in the fire' came from the feeling of re-birth that is necessary to grow again. I was thinking of all that was lost and life's amazing ability to keep moving on. I am always fascinated with this in life, and the angel coming out of the fire was the perfect way to show this."
To see more of Beth's work, head over to her website at
Here are some photos of the shoot!

Bre and Sally



Photographer: Beth Sanders

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  • yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm~ look at all those food pics! gotta say, one of the best thgins about going on a trip is always the food!!! IMATS looked like a really fun event and I am very impressed with the costume makeup.. crazy stuff! And no way! Napolean Perdis XD he’s so bronzed up~~ like wow! Actually.. looks a bit too dark to me :\ (maybe he had a tanning incident like Ross from Friends LOL)

    Pessi on

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