Mila Kunis summer look!

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 As we all can clearly see, Mila Kunis is one stunning starlet!

While watching Mila's new movie "Friends with Benefits" last night I could not stop thinking about how gorgeous her lips looked on screen!  In every scene she had perfectly glowing tanned skin paired with a soft pink pout. 

If you're anything like me and want to steal her glam for the summer, then here are a few products from Alchemy that will help you achieve your own Mila makeover!

1)*NEW* Goddess face and body glow. Dust this super purse friendly product all over body and cheeks.  This will give you the instant sultry summer glow in seconds!

2)Loveland all natural lipgloss.  Apply this perfectly pink gloss to lips and not only will you love the look, but your lips are getting a moisturizing treatment while wearing it! Loveland gloss is packed with vitamins like vit.E, jojoba oil, lavender and peppermint....your lips will never feel so Loved!

Take a look at a few of my favorite Mila makeup trends:

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