Five fabulous Beauty secrets for Fall!

As hard as it is to put away those summer sandals and dresses, we are just as happy to welcome in breathtaking Fall with its fun boots and funky woolie nits and trends. The beginning of the year has the reputation for being that time to change your life and get back in shape but we personally feel it is Fall time when you have a good head start and are still glowing after the active fun summer months! Its easier to start when you are already halfway there and you will want to keep it up through the party season too when you feel and look your best!

Bringing the latest fall fashions into your own unique style can be so uplifting. Don't forget to finish this off with a fun up to date makeup look and hair-doo. Here are five tips we have in looking great for the season!

#1 - Nutrition and Healthy Eating  

Bre and I can never stress enough to our clients the importance of nutrition for your skin and that nutrition IS the key to Beauty! If you eat the right foods and maintain a well balanced diet you are sure to see it in your hair, skin and nails, not to mention your moods and energy levels. If you feel like you need a kick start and would like some helpful tips and advice as well as some inspiration, get the book "You Are What You Eat" from author Dr. Gillian McKeith. She has tons of advice and special eating plans that are not diets but better ways of eating healthier. Its a book that could potentially change your life!

If you live in Boulder you must check out the adorable new Alfalfas Market and treat yourself to a delicious Vedgy or fruit juice that will be packed full of the right nutrients, minerals and antioxidants to get you glowing!

Alfalfa's Market in Boulder are great at supporting the local companies and local farms so its important to shop there and keep these local companies thriving! They also carry Alchemy's products so be sure to drop in to the natural living section and try them out! Bre and I do Demos there on a monthly basis so call and find out when our next one is!

#2 - Fitness

Beauty and fitness go hand in hand. Whether its a 30 minute power walk every day or a 1 hour bike ride, getting at least this amount of exercise a day can make a huge difference. It can be hard to get into the swing of things on your own and we highly recommend getting in touch with your local fitness instructor or personal trainer. Alot of the personal trainers out there have special packages and can work with your schedule to ensure that you can fit it into your week. If you are Boulder based, we love Allison Westfall. She is based at The Colorado Athletic Club in Boulder and you can email her at She also has a great book out at the moment so check it out! It could change your life!

#3- Makeup Consultation and Lesson

Having a professional makeup artist color code your skin tone and match your skin, hair and eyes to the right foundations, blushes and eye-shadows can make the world of difference to your face. Bre and I, owners of Alchemy Mineral Blends, are here to help you! If you are out of the state of Colorado, or country, please know that we still would love to help you. You can email us a picture of yourself or we can set up a skype call and consult you on line! We can then send you samples of what we recommend and if the colors match, you can then purchase online at If you are living in Colorado, Bre and I have an Alchemy setup inside The Side Door Salon in downtown Boulder.

#4- Hair Care

You could be dressed from head to toe in gorgeous designer clothes, have the makeup perfectly in place but when your hair is a disaster it can undo all your efforts to look your best! Apart from being one of the best places to get your hair done in Boulder The SideDoor Salon now carries our favorite Kerestase hair products that will transform your hair in one wash! We all know that living under the harsh Colorado sun can strip your hair but with Kerestase your bad hair days are thankfully over! They last alot longer than normal too because a little goes a long way! The Side Door salon now have 23 top stylists that are all so talented and have been in the business for 15 to 20 years! Having our makeup studio in there, Bre and I get to witness women walking out of there transformed, looking and feeling amazing! We are so honored to be a part of such a professional and high-end salon! Call them today to schedule an appointment!

#5-Styling with Mile High Style

Do you find yourself every season telling your friends how you just don't have any clothes? Personally Bre and myself have a lot of clothes but every season we would complain to each other about how we didn't have any clothes and how we needed to get this and that for our wardrobes. The problem isn't that you don't have clothes. It that you aren't being creative and daring enough to match things together beautifully! Wanting to be a fashionista and knowing how are two completely different things though so if you dont have it please don't be dis-heartened! Thats when you need to call in your local stylist to help you utilize the clothes you already have and match certain outfits together recycling your wardrobe and wearing the 70% that you normally just let hang out in your closet. Hiring a stylist will actually save you money because they will stop you form buying and create some amazing outfits from the collection you already have! If you like the sound of this idea and you live in Colorado. Our favorite stylist is Liz Finkelstein, based in Boulder.Co. You can call her at 202-491-8759 She also has a really helpful blog on her website at

We also recommend a Denver based stylist named  Milena Joy . She can also come to your home and help you sort out your closet and bring it to life! You can reach her at her site:


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