Alchemys Fall pick of the week!

Bare is Back and Beautiful as ever! The more natural looking the better this Fall. Our pick of the week is our spf 26 Foundation Brush because it is the key to helping  you achieve this look giving you a natural even glow. 

Follow this easy regime!

#1-Start with a fresh clean face. 

#2- Even out your skin tone using your Alchemy Mineral Blends Foundation brush

#3-Sweep on some Buttercup eyeshadow base to your lids and entire eye area. Then dip your Blending Brush into your favorite Alchemy highlight and lightly sweep across the lids. 

#4- Fill in your brows with Alchemy's brow powder using an angle shading brush

#5- Conceal ,hydrate and protect under your eyes using our favorite Alchemy natural concealers .

#6- Last but not least, coat both your top and bottom lashes with Alchemy's natural Mascara.

To help you achieve this easy look we are giving you 15% off our Foundations! this deal is in effect till next Friday so dont miss out! 

Enter Code AlchemyFallPick101111 at Checkout to redeem your discount!

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  • don’t worry you will get at it sooloon….i swear life would be sooo complicated without brushes..

    Popongy on

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