Every woman needs to know how to achieve this Megan Fox look!

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This look is all about the eyes and beautifully shaped brows. Its fresh, its natural, its sexy and its easy to achieve!  If you look closely you will even notice that Megan is wearing a strip of fake lashes. If you dont have all the materials needed for this look, it will give you a good idea of what to ask for your Christmas wish list!!!


 It is mostly a night time look but could also be a beautiful look for a special occasion, even for a Bride. We love this look because it is so versatile and is just a classic modern sexy look that is so useful to know how to do!

First grab your materials

                 * Foundation 

                 * Pressed bronzer

                 * Blush- CandyTuft or Rose Crown

                 * Under eye Natural Concealer

                 * Eyeshadow trio- Base( Dove Creek) , Contour( Copper) , Highlight( Pearl) 

                 * Gloss- (Orchid) 

                   * Black Mascara

                   * Brow Powder and Angle shading brush

                  * Eyeliner- Licorice

                   * Fake lashes

                   * Eyelash curler



1. Start with clean and hydrated face. Make sure your eyebrows are tweezed or waxed and looking groomed!

2. Using your Alchemy Foundation Dispensing Brush or Deluxe Brush and 10g foundation jar,  even out your whole face and neck, applying enough foundation layers to get the perfect coverage. If you have any blemishes or discoloration, click on this link to get some more tips on achieving a flawless finish.

3. Contour your face using our pressed bronzer. Lightly press your Deluxe brush into the bronzer. Apply underneath the apples of your cheeks and onto your upper forehead, nose and chin and underneath your jaw line and down your neck. This will give more dimension to your face and define your features. Never apply bronzer to your whole face, like foundation. This can look muddy and flat.

4. Using your Deluxe Brush Apply a nice warm colored blush to the apples of your cheeks. We like Candy tuft and Rose Crown for this look. 

5. Apply Dove Creek eye base to your whole eyelid and up to your brow using your Blending Brush. Then using a Shadow Brush apply Copper to the outer corners and brush inwards towards the middle of your lids. Using a blending brush again, smooth out and blend the edges. You need to do this exact application of copper a few times so that you layer it up to the shade that you want. Go into the inner corners with Pearl highlight using a shadow brush. Bring this highlight into the center of your lids to create a more round shape of your eye. This makes the eye appear bigger and give a sexier cat eye look! After your eye-shadow is in place, apply a small dab of Natural  Concealer to under your eyes and blend using our Foundation Blending Brush. 

6. Starting at the inner corner of your eye, apply the licorice eyeliner across your lashes. We like to use small strokes so that you are carefully building the line. When you get to where the lashes end, turn the line upwards in order to give your eyes a lift.

After applying your eyeliner, curl your lashes using a good quality lash curler. We like this one that gets 5 stars every time!

Then apply your black mascara and if you really want to go for it, apply your fake lashes next!

7. Apply your sheer Orchid lip gloss

8.Go out, turn some heads and Have fun!

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