Makeup Ive done on Natha Perkins!

I want to share with you some makeup jobs Ive done on one of my beautiful friend's Natha Perkins and tell you a little a bit about her. She is a native to Boulder and is a very talented Metal and Goldsmith .She created an amazing line of hand crafted jewelry called Luscious Metals.  Not only is she one of my best friends but she is one of the most amazing Jewelry designers in town. I never leave my house until I have my rings on that Natha made for me! The day just isnt the same without those magical treasures! "I know that the pieces I create go out into the world and become treasures, amulets, reminders of memories.'' Natha Perkins

Below is a photo of Natha taken by one of my favorite Photographers Beth Sanders.  I did her makeup for this shoot . It was for one of Twig Salons bill boards. They let me loose with my paints so I worked away on Natha and came up with this human creation! Read on and Ill explain how I achieved this creation!

Here is how I created this look and also a list of the tools I used. 

* Before I started to paint on Nathas face, I made sure I protected her skin by shielding it with a layer of our pressed mineral foundation.

* I always use my art brushes for this kind of makeup. Because this kind of makeup is so intricate and more like a painting, I find that my art brushes give alot more detail and precision.


* My favorite face and body paints of choice is the Ben Nye aqua colors palette. You can mix your own colors too which I like. I started off using the black color and drew in the design first using a very fine brush. Then and placed all the colors I wanted to use beside each other to create the right balance of hues. I then filled in the design and let is take over! Sometimes I don't know what the end result is going to be, but I always know when I have achieved what I am going for!

Here is another shoot Beth Sanders shot .  I did the makeup on Natha and another amazing model named Mike. I also used the same Aqua colors for this makeup. This shoot has to be one of my favorites. It was a hot summers day and we set this up in a junk yard a little outside Boulder. Beth Sanders work is  extraordinary ! She isnt afraid to be different and brings these surreal crazy ideas to life! I love working with her because she gives me full reign of what I want the makeup to be!

Below are some pieces that Bre and I have from Natha's Jewelry collection. Some of these pieces have already been featured in Cosmopolitan Magazing, InStyle Mag, and lots more!  Women ask us every day where we got them from!  

 Check out Natha's site to see all of  her treasures!

You will be happy you looked!

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  • Brow peicnl, tinted moisturizer and a lipstick (Origins Tea Rose), no doubt! The color is so creamy and close to my lip color you don’t need a mirror to put it on It’s my first lipstick I’ve ever come close to finishing actually.

    Dheeraj on

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