Everyday makeup in 8 easy steps

  Getting yourself ready for a long day of work is not exactly what we are all looking forward to  as soon as we step out of bed.  Applying your makeup quickly can still look like you spent 20 minutes on it with the right tools, colors and steps.  
I am always so interested to see how women decide to apply their makeup when they are in a hurry.  It is so easy to quickly apply a layer of mascara on the lashes and maybe put a touch of foundation on the skin.  Those steps take less than 2 minutes and seem like the right thing to do when you're busy or too tired to take the time to get ready.  The one thing that I always make sure to do, is to take the extra 3 minutes to add a bit more color and contour to my face.  It seems unnecessary to some, but I truly believe that if you feel confident and at peace with yourself, everyone else feels your radiance and respects you for it.

  I put together 8 simple steps to creating your everyday makeup look:

Before you get started always make sure that you are fully moisturized! Being moisturized will create the world of difference in the way your makeup lasts throughtout the day as well as how healthy and glowing your skin can be.

1. I applied the dispensing brush Aspen all over my face and neck.  This not only makes your skin look perfectly flawless, it also is keeping your proctected from free radical damage as well as giving you your SPF of 26!

2. Contouring with the pressed bronzer golden glow makes me look a little more sunkissed than I actually am this winter. Blend this color in the crease of your cheekbones, down the neck and along the outside of the face.

3.Next I lightly blend the Rose Crown blush across the apples of my cheecks and glide towards the temples. Make sure the color is blended naturally to create a healthy flush.

4.With my blending brush I swipe Dove Creek eyeshadow across my entire eyelid. Using a base shadow will help open the eyes by eliminating any redness on the lids. 

5.Using the same brush I use a very light amount of Raspberry eyeshadow and blend evenly in my natural eye crease. This give definition to the eyes and help keep the eyes looking lifted.

6.Aster eyeliner is the next step to the eyes. Keep the color on the outside corners of the top of the lid and then lightly line the bottom corners of the eye.

7.Then I use N2 undereye concealer. Blend with your ring finger under the eyes to highlight and brighten the undereyes. This is the one product that I could never walk out the door without wearing!

8.Lastly I use my black mascara and coat the lashes to desired length and thickness.  If you have stubborn straight lashes like me I would highly recommend using twizzerman lash curler before you apply your mascara.

Lips are always part of your everyday routine.  Make sure you have a gloss ready in your purse or car so that you are prepared to apply on the run!  I love Sapphire Rose natural lipgloss to give me a lightly colored pout.

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  • This is a really beautyful Lady!
    A pitty she’s to far away to kiss.
    Kisses from germany.

    frank on

  • , etc). But a bold staeemtnt is blue mascara- look for Urban Decay or Isadora, it's the best I've found.

    Carlos on

  • Love this — you look gorgeous as always my dear xo

    sarah schlegel on

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