Spring into one of our favorite Looks!

Happy Spring everyone! It's time to look naturally beautiful!

It is finally here and we are all ready to step into some new fresh looks to liven it up! 

The great thing about the season's new makeup looks are that they are quick and easy to achieve. You don't need to be a makeup guru to achieve this look! Its all about natural soft pink cheeks and lips and stronger eye liner and big lashes. Its feminine, flirty and chic all in one. 

Photo by Bobbi Brown. 

How to achieve this look. 

First grab your materials:

  • Fresh, clean, hydrated face
  • Alchemy Loose foundation
  • Alchemy Eye shadow brush
  • Alchemy Concealer
  • Alchemy Eye shadow base
  • Alchemy Eye shadow color
  • Alchemy Eye Shadow highlight
  • Alchemy Pressed bronzer
  • Alchemy Blush
  • Alchemy Lip Liner
  • Alchemy Lip Gloss

Step one. Start with a clean, exfoliated and hydrated face. We have great some tips on how to get your skin glowing.  Firstly buy yourself a quart sized water bottle that you can bring to work.
This will  make you drink the water your body needs because it is there to remind you all day, "gulp gulp gulp"! 


Then it all starts with a well exfoliated clean and hydrated face. No matter what skin type you have we highly recommend the Clarisonic brush. It is takes all of your makeup off and also removes dead skin cells. Your skin will look vibrant and younger in days!


Step 2: Using your Alchemy Mineral Concealer, spot treat any blemishes, sun damage, or flaws on your facial skin. Remember, a little bit goes a long way here.

Step 3: Next, with either your Loose or Pressed Alchemy Mineral Foundation and your Alchemy Foundation deluxe brush, go over your whole face and neck with a swirl like stroke until the surface of your skin is even and clear.

Step 4: Using your Deluxe brush apply some bronzer into the crevice just under your cheek bones. Sweep the bronzer over your forehead and under your jaw line and down your neck. I also like to lightly go over the apples of your cheeks too to give you a glowy base.

Step 5: Using your deluxe brush again, apply Candy Tuft blush to the apples of your cheeks. Make sure to blends the edges. 

Step 6: Fill in your eyebrows using Alchemy's brow powder in your shade. Blondes and redheads we recommend Walnut, Brunettes and Darker hair we recommend Glenwood and Gray or silver hair we recommend Keystone .Apply with Alchemy's Angle shading brush for an easy application. 

Using the Blending Brush, sweep Eye shadow base evenly over your lids and up to your brow bone. This will brighten and conceal your eye area.

Step 7: Using the blending brush again, sweep  Coney Island highlight across your entire lid. This gives your eyes a pinky glow. 

Step 8:Next we'll bring out the beautiful shape of your eye with Bluebell eye liner. Start by sharpening your eyeliner to create a perfect point, then line the upper lash base and wing out the liner a bit beyond the outer edge of your eye. Then, move the point to the inside corner and line the inside lash line. This will cause the lashes to appear thicker and longer. Now curl your lashes with your eyelash curler.

Step 9: Now apply your mascara by twisting the wand along its axis, lengthwise, at the base of the lashes. *Tip* To steady your hand, hold the wand at a right-angle with respect to the direction of your fingers. Also, zig-zagging the wand back and forth will help cut down on clumps!

Step 10:
Line your lips with a nice light pink liner such as Cosmos lip liner. Apply a layer of Loveland gloss on top. 

If you live in Colorado and would like to update your look for Spring and Summer,  please email me at sally@alchemymineralblends.com or call 720-295-2749 to book a consultation with me at The Side Door Salon in downtown Boulder. For $35 I will update your everyday look and find the colors that perfectly match your eyes and skin tone. You will walk out looking fabulous! 


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