Eyeliner Love

 Eyeliner is such a great way to give your lids some expression.  Here are some of my favorite Liner Looks from Pinterest.  Some are your everyday beauty liner and some are more for runway. Either way, eyeliner is one of my favorite parts of the makeup routine!

Check it out and let us know what look inspires you!

First we have to start with Twiggy. Without her would there even be an eyeliner obsession?!


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  • 1: start off with your regular apitpcalion of foundation and concealer (if you need it),2: put brown eyeshadow on your eyes,3: line the waterline of your bottom lid with dark brown eyeliner,4: sweep bronzer across your cheeks, hairline, and nose5: and use a nude MATTE lipstick for your lips.there you go!

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