Behind the scences of our latest Spring photo shoot at The SideDoor Salon and Nod & Rose Storehouse

Spring fever is HOT HOT HOT and summer's not even here yet!!! Find out how we created this breathtaking look on our good friend Jessica!


We thought it would be fun to share with you the whole process and how our team achieved this simple Spring look on Jessica. Here is the recipe for the finished product!

Model - Jessica Dunphy

Alchemy Mineral Blends Makeup Artists - Sally Walker

Hair Stylist - Andrez Mendoza at The SideDoor Salon

Clothing Stylist - Elizabeth Rose at Nod & Rose Store House

Photographer - James Stolzenbach

Stage one: HAIR with Andres Mendoza

Jessica started with having her hair prepped and styled by one of the best, Andres Mendoza of The Side Door salon.  First he carefully curl-ironed each curl and clamped them in place. Once her whole head of hair was done in this fashion he allowed it to set while I sat her in my chair for makeup! The products Andy used were Kerestase, and some Unite. 

Stage Two: Makeup using Alchemy Mineral Blends 


1) Prep the face with one of my favorite hydrating moisturisers, Vital C Hydrating Serum by Image (purchased locally in Boulder, CO at JLounge Spa). This acts as a great primer for the mineral foundation to adhere to.

2) In swirl like strokes, with a foundation brush, apply Alchemy's Mt. Alice foundation to her neck and face.

3) Contour the face with Sun Glow pressed bronzer and a blush brush (before applying to face, blot off excess makeup onto a tissue). To do this, apply the bronzer along the crevices of the cheek bones, starting near the ear and bringing it forward, halfway to the nose. Any excess can be blotted away with a tissue. This step warms up the face and defines / highlights the facial features.  As well, it's excellent preparation for applying blush.

4) Using the same brush, dip into Rose Crown blush (again, blot off any excess onto a tissue) and sweep across the apples of the cheek.



1) I primed the eye lids using one of Alchemy's base colors, Buttercup.  I spread this evenly to her entire lid and up to her brow bone. I did a few layers until it was fully concealed. I used a medium sized blending shadow brush. 

2) Using a small shadow brush, I coated my brush with Alchemy's Telluride contour eyeshadow. I started on the outer corner of her eyelids where the first eyelash begins. I swept this color across the lid towards the inner eye and stopped just past half way, leaving room for her highlight. Its important to keep the inner eye bright as this can help to accentuate and brighten the eyes. 

3) Using a similar shadow brush I applied Pearl highlight to the inside of her eye lids.

4) Now for the eye-liner. It's simple to turn any Alchemy eye-shadow into a liquid eyeliner by adding a drop of water to a blob of shadow. The colors come out vivid and look spectacular on the eyes. For Jessica I used one of our new spring colors, Cobalt Blue. I winged it out a little for a "retro-modern" look! 

5) I added some short fake single lashes to complement the existing, which helped to add thickness and length. I used a black eyelash glue to add more intensity! 

6) I then filled in the eyebrows using our angled eye brow brush and Walnut-colored brow powder . It looked really natural but very defined and polished. Remember to move the brush in light strokes in the direction of the hair. 


1) I outlined the lips and then filled them in with Alchemy's Cosmos lip liner (one of my favorites for its soft pinky glow). During the shoot we used liner-alone for a matte look, and both Cultured and Loveland glosses for a shinier appearance.

Stage three: Wardrobe with Elizabeth Rose at the Nod & Rose Storehouse in Boudler, CO, one of the most stylish up-and-coming clothing boutiques in town (located next to The SideDoor Salon on Spruce and Broadway). 

Using her styling skills and amazingly unique taste, Elizabeth put together some fabulous outfits from the store. Our model was now ready to be photographed!

Photographer James Stolzenbach set up his lights and cameras and Nod moved the furniture out of the way so James could use the walls as a back drop. Their front desk was even pushed over to make room!  (Quick Tip: Nod and Elizabeth built all the interior themselves! They did an incredible job! If you are local to Boulder or ever visiting you've got to check out the store! Its the coolest place to be lately and the clothes are unique and gorgeous!).

We finally dove in and started shooting!  Our model did an amazing job! She could really be on the cover of Vogue! She is a natural!

After few different looks, outfits, back drops and hair styles, it was a wrap! And so much fun!

Note: All makeup and brushes can be purchased here, on our website!  All Clothes are for sale at Nod & Rose.


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