Importance of Wedding Videography

I recently have realized my obsession with wedding videography and wanted to share why....

First of all, most of the time the bride and groom go into a blackout phase on their wedding day.  It can just be overwhelming to them after all of the months (or years) of planning to then have that one special finally arrive.  

Secondly, they are then swept from one conversation with grandma, to their mothers cousins cousin who flew in from Frenchtown, MT. To then having to make sure they have had a photo with every person whom attended the wedding. To then trying to get in that SINGLE bite of food that they so graciously chose to please their guests!   

These reasons alone are why I just LOVE wedding videos!  This ensures that the newly weds can experience and remember those special moments after all is said and done.  It is a lasting memory that contains 100's of pictures, and includes the timeless emotions, sounds and moments all in one. 

Check out some of the videos that make me believe in the importance of a wedding videographer!


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