Looking Back and Looking Forward! 2015 is here!

2014 was an exciting year of growth and new adventures for Alchemy Mineral Blends! We opened up our first location in Downtown Boulder, and have since seen it grow both in size (we took over the entire downstairs space!) and as a family: in 2014 we welcomed five beautiful and talented women to join the Alchemy team, plus one tiny bundle of cuteness!

Here's a look into some incredible moments of our 2014 from weddings, to photoshoots, our expanding team and other beautiful things!

Sally and Bre working on the new space back in February! 

Our team grew from 2 to 7 in just a few months! We are honored to work with such amazing, hard working and beautiful women! 

This wedding season was completely booked for us and we loved working with all the beautiful couples on their happy day! 

(Jennifer and Matt)

(JL and Lindsay)

(Lauren and Brad)

All wedding photos taken by the fabulous Ali V. Photography.

Bre had the honor of working with Hilary Clinton this summer, while Sally did the makeup for ultra runner extraordinaire Kara Goucher's Women's Running cover! 

Sally also welcomed the youngest Alchemy family member on September 26th: baby Charlotte Rose! Such a beauty!


Before the end of the year we expanded our space even more to meet the needs of our growing clientele! 

It's been such a fantastic and exciting year for all of us and we could not have done it without you! We're so excited for what 2015 has in store for Alchemy! Thank you everyone! 

Best Wishes, 

The Alchemy Mineral Blends Team


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What To Know About Your Lash Extensions!

Women everywhere are raving about lash extensions! They offer instant and effortless glamour without the constant maintenance of false lashes. If it’s your first time making an appointment with us, here are a few tips to know before you come in!



  1. PRE LASH: Simply come to your appointment with eyes and lashes clean and free from oils. Any oil residue left will make it difficult for the lash adhesive to stick.


  1. TIME: A full lash set takes about one and a half hours to complete the process, depending on how thick your natural lashes are. Refills or half sets take about 60 mins, so come prepared with a little bit of time.


  1. APPLICATION: The process is very simple and relaxing! Our lash technicians use a latex pad to protect bottom lashes and skin from glue (let us know if you’re allergic!) and begin the application by attaching single extensions to the base of your individual lash. It’s completely painless or invasive! You won’t feel a thing and our technicians design a lash look to fit you naturally and beautifully.


  1. POST LASH: After your lashes are complete, remember not to wet your eyes or apply any oils or creams for 48 hours while the glue dries, otherwise you beautiful new extensions will fall off.


  1. LASH MAINTENANCE: After the 48 hours, it is okay to wet your face and eyes again but with care. The more protective you are of your lashes, the longer they will last! Refrain from using ANY oil products (eye cream, make up remover) while wearing lash extensions. Oil will break down all the adhesive and cause extensions to fall out. Wearing mascara and sleeping on your face will also pull lashes out so be sure to sleep on your back when possible!

Points to remember:

-Depending on maintenance and care, lashes will last about 2-3 weeks.

-Refills can be applied at any time!

-Oils will break down the lash glue and cause them to fall out

-Lash extensions will NOT harm your real lashes!

We think you’ll absolutely LOVE your lash extensions!! We can’t wait to see you in the Powder Room for your next appointment! BOOK HERE! 

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Bridal Shoots

Alchemy has had a busy couple months working on some stunning bridal shoots! From the classic bride to the more whimsical bohemian bride, the looks and dresses were phenomenal! 

For the Calluna Events shoot, Sally created a bright, classic look to go with the preppy theme, and finished the look with a pink lip to add a splash of color. 

You can view the full shoot, plus details HERE! 

Sally also worked with A&Bé Bridal Shop, who styled a shoot for wedding inspo site: Burnett Boards. Together, with the help of photographer Levi Tijerina, they created the most gorgeous whimsical, autumnal bridal looks! Absolutely perfect for a bride looking for something unique and effortless. Take a look: 

You can view the entire shoot HERE

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5 Tips to achieve that Bridal (or everyday) Glow

1) SPF! Of course H2O is extremely important, but what good is being hydrated when you are showing weathered, burnt or blistered skin?  (SPF isn't just important right before the wedding day, it should be your daily skin preserver!) Try our Alchemy Minerals SPF 26 powder foundation.  It is sweat resistant, water resistant and tear resistant all while feeling and looking barely there!

2) Hydration Hydration Hydration: Water helps maintain blood volume, which is imperative for regulating body temperature and delivering oxygen and nutrients to the rest of the body. The correct amount of water estimated is for every pound of body weight, you need about half an ounce of fluid intake per day. 

3) Healthy Eating Plan: Every body is beautiful and unique in itself. Embrace your body type and choose a diet that is right for you.  If you want help knowing how to find that balance take my advice and contact the master herself Marcie Goldman. Check her out here:

4) Get Moving! You don't have to join a gym to get the proper amount of exercise. Get outside, purchase a dvd or simply go for a walk. By increasing blood flow, exercise helps nourish skin cells and keep them vital.

5) Prevent & Repair: The choices you make everyday with your skin care and makeup products  affects the way your skin looks.  Contacting a professional esthetician is going to help you decide what is best for your skin. Most over the counter products are approved by the FDA to only work on the dead skin cell barrier. Whereas most cosmeceuticals actually penetrate into the skin and work on the live layers.  Facials, Microdermabrasion and Chemical Peels are also a wonderful way to find the results you are looking for. Visit Sally and I (Bre) at Jlounge Spa to help answer your skincare needs.

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Wedding: Whitney the Classic Colorado Bride

  There are so many beautiful places in Colorado to tie the knot. Whitney and her new husband Justin chose the most picture perfect location in Keystone, CO.  Beside the perfect wedding location, Whitney was just about the perfect bride.  From her relaxed and sweet energy to her lovely mother, sister and bridesmaids. I had such a wonderful time being part of her pre-wedding beauty team.

  Take a look at this amazing blog written by the talented photographer Lindsay (Brindley) Fontichiaro.  

 (be sure to ooh and awe over the gorgeous dress whitney is wearing from Anna be bridal!)

Happy Weddings!

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