Tis The Season to Glam Green!

The time has come to put on that glamorous party face with Alchemy Mineral Blends and get the look of the season!

Sally and I are so thankful this year for our amazing Alchemy followers, including one of our very best clients, Kalyca. Kalyca started using our products three years ago and came to us last week and wanted a glamorous look for her night out. We gave her a perfect look for the holiday season with Alchemy Mineral Blends mineral makeup, including our fabulous Jade eye shadow. Here are the step by step instructions so you can recreate this look at home!

Before and after

First, we applied our Alchemy Pressed Mineral Foundation (Color: Cashmere) using our Deluxe brush.

Next we added a healthy glow to the skin using Alchemy Blush (Color: Pink Sand). We love this color because it creates a gorgeous soft mauve pink color and adds a perfect glow to the cheeks.
After applying the blush, a layer of Eye Shadow Base was applied. The base color needs to be a bit lighter than the color of the eyelid. With Kalyca we used "Sunkissed" color eye shadow and applied it with the Blending Brush all over the entire lid, from lash line to just beneath the brow.

Following the base, Jade Eye Shadow was applied using the Shadow Brush. We did so by applying the color from the outside of the eyelid and sweeping in with the brush a bit more than halfway across the eye, covering the lid from lashes up to the socketline. Apply more pigment for a more dramatic look. Once complete, use the Blending brush to blend the eye shadow pigments and remove any harsh lines.

To brighten the eyes, we highlighted them with Twilight Eye Shadow, one of our recommended highlight colors. We did this using a cleaned Shadow brush by applying the makeup on the inside of the eyelid. Add a touch of the highlight eye shadow just beneath the brow to open up the eye. The highlight lifts as well as brightens the eye.

Concealer is always a must when creating a beautiful makeup look. It hydrates the delicate eye area while reducing redness and dark circles, and helps any eye look more awake. To Kalyca, we applied U2 concealer using 2-3 dots of concealer under the eye (Just a few dots of concealer will cover well, while using more can lead to a cakey appearance.) and blended into the skin using our Foundation Blending brush. (Tip: You can bring the concealer just above the cheekbone for a natural highlight.) We then dusted a little powder foundation over top of the concealer to set and blend the color.

We chose a liquid black eye liner on the upper lashline and Iris pencil eye liner on the bottom for a dramatic effect. To create a liquid line for the top we mixed Jet black eye shadow with a touch of water. Using the Iris eye liner we applied the color on the inside rim of the lower lash line and very lightly into the lower lash line. The Iris really accentuated Kalycas gorgeous green eyes, and would have a similar effect on brown and blue eyes.

Black Alchemy Mascara is the last step to finish off the eyes. (Tip: Curl your lashes before applying mascara). This mascara is great because it thickens and lengthens without clumping, smudging or running, and is easy to remove. It also helps to condition and treat your lashes while you wear it!

For Kalyca, we reshaped her eye brows using blonde Brow Powder (Tip: choose a brow color that closely matches your brows). Using our Angle Shading we filled in Kalycas natural brow shape just enough to enhance and frame her face. Even the most perfectly shaped brows can use an extra bit of definition. Try it and you will never go back after you see the amazing difference that it makes!

Achieving a full lip is an easy task. In this case, we applied a near-nude Lip Liner(Color: Heather Pink) over all of the lips for a soft mauve color, and then added our silky smooth Natural Lip Gloss (Color: Kiss Me). As with many of our products, our Alchemy Glosses heal during use via an infusion of vitamin E, and Jojoba, peppermint and lavender oils.

All you have left to do is add a splash of our revitalizing skin spritz to set and hydrate your makeup!

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Black Friday Sale - Everything on Sale!!

Everything at Alchemy's online store is on sale. Take advantage of our Thanksgiving / Black Friday savings by entering discount code BlackFriday2010 at Checkout!! Don't miss out on your chance to save huge on all your makeup gifts this holiday season!!

Head straight over to some of our best sellers, like our SPF 26 Loose Mineral Foundation, our pure mineral Eye Shadows and don't forget to buy your Brushes for that perfect Stocking Stuffer!!

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Angel in the Fire

Hello Alchemy Viewers!
Recently Sally and I did a photoshoot here in our beautiful hometown of Boulder, CO. As most of you know, Boulder had a terrible fire that spread throughout the foothills. Beth Sanders was the photographer as well as the creator of the entire shoot. Beth said, "The idea behind 'Angel in the fire' came from the feeling of re-birth that is necessary to grow again. I was thinking of all that was lost and life's amazing ability to keep moving on. I am always fascinated with this in life, and the angel coming out of the fire was the perfect way to show this."
To see more of Beth's work, head over to her website at
Here are some photos of the shoot!

Bre and Sally



Photographer: Beth Sanders
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Welcome to Alchemy Mineral Blends!

Hi Everyone! Welcome to Alchemy Mineral Blends!! We finally have our website up and running and are so happy to be able to share this with you! 

First, a bit quick bit of background.  Alchemy was started in 2007 by myself, Sally Walker, and my business partner, Breanna Ortola. We developed alchemy as a means to provide the highest quality mineral makeup product available at an affordable price and with a small business mindset. Certainly we plan to continue growing, as this website is a testament to, but in it all, we want to keep in mind our fabulous existing customer base that has grown organically through personal connections and memorable makeup experiences.

Since 2007, we have had a presence in several salons in Denver, Colorado, who have been selling our product in a retail environment. We've also provided our services through these salons and will continue to nurture those relationships. However, with our new online presence, we are excited to bring our product far beyond the Denver Metro region and into the makeup bags of all of our current and future friends around the country and to some of our best and longest standing customers across the pond in Ireland and other European locations. 

Additionally, and especially through this blog, we're looking forward to sharing all of our experiences with you, our supporters, and to keep you apprised of all that's going on in the world of Alchemy Minerals! We'll make sure you're the first to know about new products, special deals, daily *surprise* sales, lunchtime steals, and we'll be sure to fill you in on the latest tips and tricks from inside the industry. Oftentimes, as well, Alchemy is invited to take part in high-fashion photo shoots and other glamor or artistic experiences, and we'll be letting you in on all the details right here. sure to follow us regularly! Additionally, please find us on Facebook where we'll also be making special announcements and offers!

I hope you all enjoy our site! We would love you to give us your feedback and lets us know what you think so far! Oh, and don't forget to try out some makeup products!

Email us any time at

-Sally Walker & Breanna Ortola

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