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Alchemy Glow To Go

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Reveal your glow at home with the power of plant-based peptides + a boost of nourishing vitamins for visibly smoother, plumper, and more youthful-looking skin. Brighten + rejuvenate your complexion while unique algae extracts increase firmness and provide long-lasting hydration.

Age-defying. All skin types, except active acne 


Step One : Massage oil cleanser onto dry skin, add water to oil cleanser to emulsify

Step Two : Cleanse with the second cleanser, rinse thoroughly

Step Three :  Apply the enzyme exfoliant, layer the activator on top, gently massage for up to 3 mins, remove with a damp towel

Step Four : Add a few drops of water and mix or layer the masks, apply & leave on at least 5 mins, remove with a damp towel

Step Five : Pat essence onto skin 

Step Six : Apply a thin layer of the C+E serum, followed by peptide serum

Step Seven : Gently tap eye cream on to eye area

Step Eight : Lightly massage moisturizer into the skin until absorbed


Sample Size Products (Enough for 2-3 Facials)

*Optional Rose Quartz Roller* (Purchase for $5 off if ordered with a kit)

*Optional Gua Sha* (Purchase for $3 off if ordered with a kit)