Gemstone Glow To Go

Gemstone Glow To Go

Gemstone Glow To Go


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This organic facial is infused with natural gemstones to uplift your whole being from the inside out. Each product will stimulate your senses as powerful botanicals balance and energize the skin. Gua Sha finishes the experience to reveal your inner glow and most vibrant self.

All skin types, including dull, congested & fatigued. 

*Includes Gua Sha Stone ($3 discount with to go facial)


Step One : Massage oil cleanser onto dry skin, add water to oil cleanser to emulsify

Step Two : Cleanse with the second cleanser, rinse thoroughly

Step Three :  Apply the energizing exfoliant & let dry for 10-30 minutes, rinse thoroughly

Step Four : Add a few drops of water and mix or layer the masks, apply & leave on at least 5 mins, remove with a damp towel

Step Five : Apply a thin layer of the solid facial oil

Step Six : Gua Sha Massage

Step Seven : Gently tap eye cream around the eye area 

Step Eight : Lightly massage moisturizer into the skin until absorbed


Sample Size Products (Enough for 2-3 Facials)

*Optional Rose Quartz Roller* (Purchase for $5 off if ordered with a kit)