our vision

in skin + spirit

A Touch of Magic

It's what we hope everyone comes to us for. It's that self-care moment; that self-care feeling. We want to bring that to the world everyday.

Magic | Love Love

We seek to inspirit each interaction with a touch of magic, believing that exceptional experiences are born of thoughtful moments, subtle details, and personalized care. And that kindness is a tonic for the soul.

Clean Beauty | Love Earth

We believe that healthy skin requires healthy skincare, and that the best way to nourish and illuminate the skin is to feed it nutrient-dense, well-sourced products free of parabens, sulfates, and the like. Think: organic, natural, biodynamic, sustainable. Clean beauty is nature's magic and our favorite way to rejuvenate.

Community | Love Connection

Alchemy invites clients to indulge in a shared experience of self-care. We are an outlet for learning and connection - a place for kindred spirits to rest, laugh, heal, and be. Everyone is welcome. Everyone is cherished.

Heart | Love People

Our passion for skincare seeps into every interaction, allowing people to feel welcome in the space and beautiful in their skin. We make every effort to quell insecurities, ease discomfort, and advance self-care. Our approach is about listening, not selling. People, not products.