Our Story

Alchemy was the ancient science of seeking the ideal. For metals, that meant gold. For man, longevity. And for spirit, enlightenment. With a mix of knowledge, talent and inspiration, these ancient chemists made new alloys, distilled elixirs and manufactured pigments – creating something extraordinary from the ordinary – chasing that ever elusive perfection. 

We are a local collective of modern alchemists – passionate experts in transformation. And we’re here for you. Our first objective was to develop a better line of makeup for all women  - pure, natural and American Made. The result? Alchemy Minerals. Makeup that not only looks gorgeous but (gasp) actually improves the health of your skin. You shouldn’t settle for anything less - we certainly didn’t.

Our latest project? To redefine the spa/salon service norm and create a new kind of experience for fellow women. At Alchemy Face Bar, expect fast, effective, natural, no nonsense services for all things face - makeup, skin, lash and brow. And don’t worry, we’ll fit right into your life - casual, convenient and reasonably priced.

At Alchemy, we are passionate about illuminating the beauty of you - in skin and spirit. Everyone’s welcome.