Skin + Spirit To Go

Skin + Spirit To Go

Skin + Spirit To Go


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Send a Skin + Spirit Facial for healthcare or essential worker of your choosing! This is NOT the donation facial, as we will send this card directly to you or the person of your choice. Donations are sent in a box to a different healthcare facility each week. 

Skin + Spirit facials to go are created to show our love and immense gratitude to our healthcare providers. Our community wants them to know that they deserve self-care and healing at all times, but especially during this pandemic. This kit is designed to provide our doctors and nurses with organic and nourishing products to heal their damaged skin due to face masks protecting them from the virus. We are happy to include a personalized note with each kit. Thank you for your love and support!

Step One: Mix cleanser with water, apply & massage gently, rinse thoroughly

Step Two: Apply 2-3 drops of facial oil to face & neck

Step Three: Lightly massage moisturizer into the skin until absorbed

Step Four: Repair balm may be applied to dry & inflamed areas on the face, body & hands.

Step Five: Massage in hand cream until completely absorbed, apply as often as needed.

Sample Size Products (Enough for 2-3 Facials)

*Optional Rose Quartz Roller* (Purchase for $5 off if ordered with a kit)

*Optional Gua Sha* (Purchase for $3 off if ordered with a kit)