Alchemy Gua Sha Stone


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illuminate your inner + outer beauty

in skin and spirit

How to use Gua Sha stone:

Start with cleansing your hands, skin, and gua sha stone, then apply your facial oil. This will help your gua sha stone glide smoothly over your skin. If it starts to drag or pull on your skin, add a little more oil. With the oil left on your hands, warm up your gua sha tool just slightly.

Glide over each area a minimum of three times. For a longer practice, sweep up to 10 times.

Keep your gua sha stone almost flat to your skin, about 15 degrees.

Use whichever side and shape of the tool best fits your face.

Use slow, light pressure, intentional gliding motions. With each motion support your skin with your hand or a finger so your skin does not drag. Repeat each step on both sides. 

Incorporate gua sha into your self-care practice as often as you would like, even daily.

Benefits of Gua Sha include:

Softens and prevents fine lines + wrinkles

Lifts + tightens the skin

Reduces dark circles + puffy eyes 

Reduces tension, treats TMJ + headaches

Increases the overall health of the skin by carrying nutrient-rich and oxygenated blood to the skin + tissues