Toxins: Between the Brows (11s)

11 lines are the lines that form in between your eyebrows. These deep lines form due to the muscle pull and movement that happens when you frown. With toxins injection therapy your aesthetic injector can smooth and fill these pesky lines. 

How does this Treatment work: neurotoxins are injected into the 11's by blocking nerve signals to the muscles. This prevents the muscle from contracting, so the lines can’t appear.

Who is a good candidate: Anyone looking to smooth the frown lines between their brows.  Or anyone wanting to prevent the lines from forming.

Recovery: No downtime required. Minimal bruising and swelling may occur resolving in a week or less.

Results Last: 3 to 4 Months

Appointment: Botox | Dysport | Xeomin 20 Min

Cost: $130-$312 (10-24 Units)

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