Botox | Dysport: Masseter

Neurotoxin injections help relax the masseter muscle by limiting its movement. Once injected, it temporarily blocks nerve signals in the masseter. You will still be able to chew, move your jaw, and make normal facial expressions after your treatment.

How does this Treatment work: During treatment, a series of injections are precisely administered into the masseter muscle.

Who is a good candidate for this: Masseter treatment is an excellent option for women and men for managing teeth grinding, reducing jaw tension, pain, and clenching, and relieving head aches.

Recovery: No downtime required. Minimal bruising and swelling may occur resolving in a week or less.

Results Last: 3 to 4 Months

Appointment: Botox | Dysport 20 Minutes

Cost: $390-$650 (30-50 Units of Botox/Dysport)

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