Botox | Dysport: Brow Lift

A Botox/Dysport brow lift treats frown lines above and between your brows. This allows the forehead muscles to pull up the now-relaxed muscles between the brows, this elevates the brows and opens up the eyes.

How does this Treatment work: During treatment, a series of injections are precisely administered between the eyebrows and to the ends of eyebrows. 

Who is a good candidate for this: A Brow Lift is an excellent option for women and men who are concerned about saggy or heavy brows and have been unable to achieve desired effects with skincare products.

It is also well-suited for clients who want to rejuvenate their eyes, but are unable or unwilling to have surgery.

Recovery: No downtime required. Minimal bruising and swelling may occur resolving in a week or less.

Results Last: 3 to 4 Months

Appointment: Botox | Dysport 20 Minutes

Cost: $156-$260 (12-20 Units of Botox or Dysport)

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