Filler Treatment: Undereye Filler (Tear Trough Under Eye Therapy)

The delicate eye area can be one of the first places to show signs of aging, with hollows, shadows, and bags under the eyes resulting in a tired and prematurely aged appearance. The Bright Eyes filler treatment will smooth and refresh the eye area without surgery.

Who is a good candidate: Anyone who is unhappy with their under eye area, due to hollows, bags, shadows, or a generally tired appearance.

How does the Treatment work: By utilizing a hyaluronic acid filler to add volume to the eye trough, the Aesthetic Injector will smooth the area to correct a sunken look and diminish the appearance of shadows and eye bags. A tear trough filler procedure involves an injection of a dermal filler to the tear trough. A topical numbing product will be used prior to treatment to ensure your comfort.

Recovery: You may experience mild bruising and swelling that will typically resolve within a week.

Appointment Time: 45-60 Minutes

Results Last: 12-15 months.

Cost: $730 per syringe (Typically need 1-2 syringe)

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