The ThermoClear systems allows you to treat unwanted imperfections in seconds with minimal discomfort.

How does the treatment work: Thermoclear utilizes low + high radio frequency to treat sun and age spots, fibromas, keratosis and sebaceous hyperplasia. It also treats cholesterol deposits and acne scars.

Who is a good candidate: It can treat ALL skin types on epidermal skin imperfections. These skin imperfections include small Red Capillaries, Cherry Angiomas, Milia, Acne and Skin Tags. They also include Sebaceous Hyperplasia, Fibromas, Cholesterol Deposits and Sun Spots / Age Spots.

Recovery: This process can take anywhere from 1-3 weeks to heal completely.It could take as long as 1-3 months in some rare cases. Do not scratch the scabs, as that can cause scarring and prolong the healing time.

Appointment time: 30 - 60 min

Cost: $50 - $300 per session

Spot Treatment | $50 - 15 mins
1-3 spots treated. 

Small Area | $150 - 30 mins
Up to 10 spots treated. 

Medium Area | $300 - 60 mins
Up to 20 spots treated. 

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