Fall in Love with this Valentines goody bag!

Get a FREE eyeshadow when you purchase this Simple, Sexy and Shimmery Valentines goody bag with Alchemy.........

Valentines goody bag includes the following products:

Jet black liner

PinkSand Blush
Raspberry Eyeshadow

Ruby Rose Gloss
This Valentines collection comes with a FREE Cosmos Eyeshadow!
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1. Start with a flawless even complexion by using our pressed compact or loose spf 26 mineral foundation. 

2. Prime the eyes with an eyeshadow base. This brightens the eye area and also helps the eyeshadow to grip and stay longer! It makes the eyeshadow take easy and gives a more groomed look. Try Sunkissed, Putty or Opal shimmer.

3. Start by applying the  *Raspberry eyeshadow along the lash line and just underneath the eye using an angel shading brush. It seems scary using such dark colors but it really does look good on everyone and brings out the eye color nicely. 

4. Using a lighter shade down from the contour color, apply to the middle of the lid going up to the crease. The trick here is to blend using the Blending Brush.  This gives the eyeshadow that smokey effect.

5. Next apply the Highlight shadow  * Luminous to the inside corner and into the center of the lid. Then, using the Blending Brush, blend the rest of the darker eyeshadow up and over so they blend nicely into each other.
6. Using a Shadow brush, apply a dab of Highlight to the inner corner of the eye, giving you that red carpet look!
7. Now its time to line your lashes using our *Jet Black Eyeliner. If you want a  softer look you can use Midnightor Iris eye liner.
8. Finish your smokey eye with our Black Mascara. 

9. Apply *Pinksand Blush to the apples of your cheeks to give yourself a warm blushing appearance. 
10. The secret to finishing your Sexy Valentines look is by ending our fabulous *Ruby Rose Lip Gloss! Making it balanced and in-tune with the rest of the makeup. Our lip glosses  are nourishing to the lips using only the best natural ingredients.   If you want to define your lips a little use only a nude lip liner. We recommend Heather Pink Lip Liner. 

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