Makeup look of the week

This is a dramatic makeup look that is perfect for evening! We love this look for our African American skin tones especially! The metallic golds show up beautifully!


1. Start by prepping the face using primer and foundation to create the perfect texture and tone.

2. The secret to creating a bold look is by using highly pigmented eye-shadows such as our pressed mineral eye-shadows that resist creasing and going on smoothly and blend beautifully.

3. Prime your entire eye lid with an Alchemy Base such as Sunkissed , Putty, Chocolate or Opal shimmer depending on your skin tone.

4.Next go in with a metallic lighter shade such as Cosmos or Luminous and put that all over the entire surface of the eye. Since the eyelid is primed with your base, this will go on very smoothly.

5. Then blend the darker shade such as Metallic, Storm or Sultry into the crease. Follow the natural crease line, which every eye has. Even if you have a flatter lid, you can really feel where your eyeball goes in and that's where your crease is and that is where you will place your darker shade.
Start in the middle of the eyelid, so that by the time you get to the inner and outer corners of the lid you have less product on your brush so it just blends out perfectly.

6. To enhance this look you can bring the darker colour under the lower lash line and wrap it up to join the other line.

7. Line your eyes with Jet black or Coal. Start with the inner corner of the eye and work outwards. Make sure the outer corner is thicker than the inner corner. Lift your chin and push the pencil into your lashes as you draw your line.

8. Next apply Perfect lash Mascara . Apply a few layers for a more dramatic look.

9. Finish this look with lining your lips with your Lip liner and paint on your favorite hydrating Alchemy Lip stick such as Sangria or Pink pout. For a glossy finish, dab on some sheer highlighting gloss such as Entice or Kiss me.

Now you know the secrets to having a Nigh-time Glamorous look!

Get this look- The tools you will need.

Loose Mineral Eye Shadow Base in your shade( Sunkissed, Putty, Chocolate)

Pressed Metallic Eyeshadow highlights - Cosmos or luminous

Pressed Eyeshadow Contour in metalic shades - Metalic, Storm or Sultry take your pick!

Eye Liner- Jet Black or Coal

Mascara - Black

Lipstick- Sangria or Pink Pout

Lipgloss - Kiss me or Entice


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