Our Favorite 2011 Oscars Makeup Look

Whether its for the red carpet, a hot date or happy hour with the girls, we have the smoking hot look for you! Its so easy too! Alchemy has made it simple with these easy steps. Here we recreate Halle's makeup for you to follow and repeat on yourself!


Step 1. Foundation.  Halle Berry used a foundation shade as close to her natural skin tone as possible. To achieve this natural glow, we suggest using SPF 26 loose foundation in Deep.

Step 2. Concealer: Apply concealer to the inner corners of the eyes, underneath to cover dark circles and a little to eyelids. Set loose mineral concealer powder sparingly with our Deluxe brush.  This prevents the eyeshadow from caking in crease of eye. Color: U3 cream concealer.

Step 3. Blush: Use a pink shade blush. We love Breathless Blush for this look. It is very natural and has a warm rosey hue.  Round faces look better with blush applied to the apple of the cheek, while narrower faces can take blush better on the cheekbone. Apply the blush using Alchemy's Deluxe brush one light layer at a time until you have a delicate pink glow. 

Step 4. Eyelid: Apply a pearly light base from the lid to the crease sing our Blending Brush. We like Opal shimmer for this look.  Dot some in the inner corners

Step 5. Crease: Apply a medium mauve or deep purple- bronze  in the crease from corner to corner. We suggest Raspberry for this look  which appears amazing for brown and green eyes. 

Step 6. Brow bone: Apply a cream or vanilla color just below the brow, from underneath the arch to the outer corner. We suggest using Sunkissed base. This can also be an amazing base color to the whole lid.

Step 7. Eyeliner: Choose either a dark chocolate brown or deep purple Iris eyeliner. Apply a thin line to the top lash line, from corner to corner. You can thicken the line a little at the outer half of the lashline to add glamour and widen the eyes. Trace around the inner corner to define this area. Continue with a light hand to apply liner across the bottom lashline getting in between lashes like with the top lashline. Use our Angle shading brush to smudge out the line.  This gives the eye a more natural and sophisticated look. 

Step 8. Brows: Use a brow powder, with an  Angle shading brush to shape and fill in. Start by defining the arch and then fill in the rest as necessary. For Halle we would choose Brunette loose brow powder.

Step 9.Eyelashes. Curl the lashes and coat two or three times with a Black mascara.

Step 10. Lips: Choose a matching Lip liner and Lip Gloss in a light pink or mauve shade that matches your blush as closely as possible. Apply one coat of the lip liner and blot with tissue.  We suggest Neutral or Heather Pink lip liner. Cover your lips with a coat or two of Entice or Kiss me Gloss.

Well done! Now you are ready for the Red Carpet! Have fun!

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