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We all do it. Wake up late and rush getting ready. We look in the mirror in work or school bathrooms while we wash our hands and feel drab and dreary only promising ourselves to change the bad habit of not making an effort getting ready. But this doesn't have to be an effort! It's time to make getting ready in the mornings easy, quick, fun and to the point, so in other words, make a huge difference and look amazing in 10 minutes for a day time look! The first step should be to simplify your makeup collection. How can you even know where to start when you find yourself looking at 50 products, not to mention the waste of precious time searching for that concealer!

We all have a tendency to hoard beauty products .Most of our makeup drawers and bags are full of junk, most of which you don't use-  Brushes someone convinced you were essential but they don't do the job, mascara and lipsticks that are well past their expire dates and eye-shadows that have lost their true hue! Aside from mineral makeup, most cosmetics are not made to last forever.  Thankfully Spring has just arrived and it's a great excuse to do some spring cleaning and get rid of some items you use, but shouldn't.

If you havent used it in a year, get rid of it! Everything else should get the smell test. You will know! Makeup brushes should be tossed when they are losing their shape and their hairs are shedding. Your finger tips would do a better job than an old shabby brush.

 Its all about the essentials.  A simple makeup regime should consist of all these. 

#1 - Make applying your makeup easy and faster by using good quality brushes.  You really only need four. Delux Brush for foundation, blush, and bronzer. Blending brush for blending your eyeshadow, and contour brush for building in color. Angle Shading for brows. You can treat yourself to more of the line of brushes but these are the must haves. We are offering 15% off Brushes as part of our Spring promotion so don't miss out on this amazing deal!

#2-Foundation-  A foundation that matches your skin tone and evens out your complexion with a built in sunscreen. We love our Loose mineral foundation, with an SPF 26 to boot!

#3- Concealer-Under eye concealer. Whether you suffer from dark circles or not, this hydrating concealer lifts and brightens the eye area.

#4-  Blush- Everyone needs it. Even girls with Rosacea need blush because once you even out your skin tone, you need to place the color back on your cheeks giving yourself a healthy radiant glow, and who doesn't want that!

#5- Eyeshadow- We recommend three or four of your favorite shadows and one highlight.

#6- Eye Liner- Whether its daytime or not, liner really helps to define the shape of your eyes making them stand out. 

#7- Mascara- Every girl needs to wear mascara! Open up those eyes!

#8- Lip Liner and Lip Gloss - Purchase in your favorite shades.

To get your 15% off discount, order before April 18, 2011 and enter in discount code "AlchemySpringCleaning". We'll also send you a free eyeshadow with your use of the discount code if you spend $50 or more (worth $13.00)!

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  • That’s a mold-beraekr. Great thinking!

    Stretch on

  • Me too!! Need a guide for a 5 or 10 min make up for the groggy morning rush!

    Jenny on

  • I’m so doing this!

    adriane on

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