Girl, Clean Your Dirty Brushes!

Girl, Clean Your Dirty Brushes!

Girl, Clean Your Dirty Brushes!

When was the last time you cleaned your makeup brushes? If you answered never, it is time to replace your brush! 

Using a dirty makeup brush clogs your pores and spreads acne causing bacteria and even fungus (gross!) Bristles get split ends! (just like our hair) This makes it impossible to blend and smooth makeup evenly.

To properly clean a brush, it is important to understand the parts

When deep cleaning your brush you want to use a sudsy antibacterial soap. We prefer to use baby shampoo. 

1) Always keep the water flowing over the brush from handle to bristles and never submerge it. Avoid getting water into the ferrule, this is the part that holds the bristles in (they are braided and glued together inside). Getting water trapped in this area can grow mold and cause your brush to shed! 

2) Using a small amount of soap, gently shampoo bristles in a circular motion onto your hand or a makeup brush pad.  

3) Squeeze out until the water runs clear. Depending on the type of makeup you use this brush for, you may have to rinse, lather, repeat a few times! 

4) Shape the brush with your fingers and let dry on its side. This way it will be back in its perfect shape when it's dry. A good tip is to dry overnight so they are ready for use the next day! 

Your skin and makeup skills deserve the best tool for the job. Our brushes are made of synthetic bristles. Synthetic material is cruelty free, ultra soft and evenly cut- they do not have pores like natural hair, so they do not hold on to as much product or germs. They are easier to clean and last longer! (No split ends, yay!)

Ask an Alchemist to help you find the perfect brush!


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