FAQ: Medical Aesthetics

FAQ: Medical Aesthetics

FAQ: Medical Aesthetics

What is the biggest misconception about injection therapy?

We see a lot of poorly performed injection therapy.  It ranges from over-done, lifted, filled, frozen, distorted, unnatural looking, etc.  INJECTION THERAPY IS VERY CONTROLLABLE, CUSTOMIZABLE AND WHEN WELL DONE, LOOKS REFRESHING, SOFT AND NATURAL BUT EFFECTIVELY ELIMINATES THE CONCERNS OF CREASES AND VOLUME LOSS.  A lot of people don't realize it’s very controllable and when we see distorted or poorly done therapy, it is unnecessary and avoidable. 

What age is best to start injection therapy?

Traditionally we waited for patients to have visible creasing and/or severe volume loss to be good candidates for treatment.  That has greatly changed over the years as we've seen preventive care be much more effective.  There is such a thing as too soon but in general, injection therapy of some kind for preventive care can start in a person's 20's.



What is filler made of?  I don't want unnatural chemicals in my face…

The Juvederm family of fillers are all hyaluronic acid based.  HA is a substance naturally occurring in our body and when we introduce the same substance through injection therapy, it is not foreign and that is why adverse reactions are rare and minimal and the results are natural and refreshing.



How does Botox work and is it safe?

Botox is a protein derivative.  The molecules are injected directly in the muscle tissue where they adhere to the local area and stabilize there to prevent the muscle from contracting.  The molecules naturally lose their efficacy and simply metabolize away.  Botox has been used medically for several decades prior to its cosmetic use and has been found safe and effective for long term use.   

Does injection therapy hurt?

At Alchemy, we order a specific numbing agent from a compound pharmacy to ensure patient comfort.  Our injector orders special, very small gauge needles to use and minimize or completely eliminates the discomfort. We also allow for an extended service time to ensure there is no rush and the patient and injector can build a trusting report of comfort and safety. Injection therapy comfort has come a long way and we do everything to ensure optimal patient comfort and experience.  

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