Have skincare goals for 2023? Start here!

Have skincare goals for 2023? Start here!

Have skincare goals for 2023? Start here!
We love the New Year - a time to set goals, reflect on the past year, and start new routines! This fresh start is an amazing time to set skincare goals. Having clear goals on what you are wanting for your skin is key to seeing clear results, but where shall you start? Are the products you are using working with your skin? Determining your skin type is the best way to reach your goals. Read along to learn more about determining your skin type to reach your skincare goals in 2023!  


What is my skin type?

Some may think that their skin type changes over time, but your skin type is something you are born with and is largely determined by genetics. Huge determining factors of your skin type are oil production and pore size. Identifying your skin type is beneficial in developing a skincare routine, as skin type will change very little throughout your life. Not sure if you have oily, dry, or another skin type? Follow along with this easy skin type test to determine your skin type. 


The Five Skin Types

Congrats! You have determined your skin type. This is the first step in reaching the skincare goals of your dreams. Now, let's learn a little bit more about what makes your skin type unique. 

Normal Skin

Your skin feels balanced, not overly dry, oily or sensitive. even though your skin doesn’t experience major issues, it deserves amazing care! Your skin wants a routine that sustains your skin’s natural harmony. 

Oily Skin

Your skin appears shiny, but with excess oil instead of your natural glow! Your skin wants a routine that reduces oil to provide balance and clarity, all while giving your skin the proper amount of hydration.

Combination Skin

Your skin can be dry or normal in some areas and oily in others (mainly around the t-zone). Larger pores and blackheads may be present.

Dry Skin

Your skin feels dry and tight. you may have visible lines and you may see flakes on your cheeks, chin and forehead. Your skin wants a routine that's deeply nourishing and hydrating.

Sensitive Skin

Your skin is delicate, and reactive and could show redness, dryness, or irritation.

Now that you’ve taken the test and learned more about your skin type, explore our production recommender to build the best at-home skincare routine. Or visit us at any of our locations to shop for products. 

We are ready for this New Year and for the best skincare! 


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