5 reasons you should get a monthly facial

5 reasons you should get a monthly facial

5 reasons you should get a monthly facial

Do you know that fresh facial glow? The magic you experience when you visit us at Alchemy Face Bar is unmatched. And yes, we are also obsessed with monthly facials. 

Monthly facials are one of the best ways to treat your skin and to your treat yourself. Though some may think that monthly facials are a bit of a splurge, when you see yourself in the mirror with that post-facial glow - you will see the *glow *of this investment. Seeing us consistently for a monthly facial or treatment is magic for your skin! Let us break it down for you with 5 reasons you should see us monthly. 

1. your skin renews every 28 days

Like your moon cycle, your skin rejuvenates every 28 days. Your skin goes through a cycle of cell turnover for old cells to shed for new skin cells to reach the surface. The sweet spot for regular treatments is every 4 - 6 weeks, so your skin cell turnover is synced with your monthly treatments. Monthly check-ins also allow our estheticians to make sure your skincare routine is on track.

2. self-care is important

A touch of magic is what each of our services culminates into - that self-care feeling. It has been studied that good self-care prevents stress, which is why we love seeing everyone monthly. Taking care of yourself will help manage stress levels. We have exactly what you need for some well-deserved self-care time!

3. address skin concerns

Is it your skin type or a skin concern? The main difference between skin type and skin concern is that a skin concern is usually temporary and can be treated. So the congestion you are experiencing from your recent trip abroad? We have a great option for you! 

The magic of Alchemy is that most of our services are customizable and buildable.

Whether your current skin concerns are acne, hyperpigmentation, or dehydrated skin - we have facial enhancements that can help address these! 

4. maintenance

We all know consistency is key. Great skin is definitely not an overnight thing (but we do have the best overnight cream), great skin comes from regular treatments and consistent maintenance. 

We love recommending treatments that can be done in a series.

These treatments revolutionize your skin and allow you to see the best results.

A few that we love doing in a series:

  • ViPeel
  • Microneedling
  • DiamondGlow

5. you can get customized at-home skincare routine recommendations

We don't call our estheticians Alchemists for no reason. They can transform your skincare routine - AM and PM - into the most magical, hydrating, and glowing routine! Not only will they have one-on-one time with your skin, but they will also be there for any changes your skin may experience over time. 


Monthly facials are our fav way to nourish and illuminate your skin. Want to experience this self-care magic? Sign up for our monthly membership to indulge in great skincare benefits. 


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