The History of Alchemy

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30 or so years ago, on 5th street in Santa Rosa, California a legacy began. A stunningly gorgeous, authentic, and warm, raven-haired woman was given an opportunity. She rose to the challenge and took it.
The grandmother of Alchemy Founder Bre Morris, Barbara Bartow Nicolson, got knocked down by an injury at her workplace. But, as they say, sometimes the bad things that happen in our lives put us directly on the path to the best things that will ever happen to us. In this instance, her injury at work resulted in the opportunity to train for a new profession as a manicurist.
Barbara completed the training and went to work for a salon. When the owner stepped down, in true entrepreneurial fashion, she took over leadership and rose to the occasion of running "A Show of Hands". The seven years she ran it was a time of joy for her, surrounded by fun and incredible women in a stylish setting. 
Every successful family starts with a matriarch. Little did she know at the time, she was soon to become just that for a line of intuitive, imaginative, and resourceful women.
Lisa, Bre's mother would be described as warm, generous, and as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. She started as her own mother's nail model and from-the-ground-up built her own successful salon and spa- "Claws" in Missoula, Montana. She instilled a perpetual state of gratitude and radical humility in all three of her daughters, in addition to an unstoppable work ethic. Jacqueline, Bre, and Taylor were never pushed to follow in Lisa's footsteps, but a crazy thing happened. She had created Claws to be a spa-like home that was inviting and a place for women to be in her comforting and loving presence.  Growing up seeing their mother create that haven for other women was a launching point for them all to create something similar.
Bre went on to build the magic of Alchemy and perfect the open concept of the face bar.  Taylor has become a prominent leader in Alchemy and successful esthetician. Jacqueline forged her own way as an entrepreneur in Missoula by creating "Kindred Skin + Sole".
All are independent, yet supportive and interconnected. 
Truly... a family of entrepreneurial women with soul. The businesses they have all built are an extension of their hearts. You can feel it when you walk through the doors of each individual establishment. THIS is how business should feel and THIS is why women make incredible entrepreneurs.
So in the spirit of International Women's Day,
Here's to the matriarchs of the world who started a legacy.
To the women who give their all in bringing warmth and love to everything they do.  In doing so, they are creating a haven for others. They inspire them to do more. be more. give more.
And finally, to the new generation who are writing their own story and infusing their industry with their spirit.
You are magic. Much love to you.

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