Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Spring is just around the corner! With the season change and warmer days ahead, it's the perfect time to get started on your spring cleaning checklist. Spring cleaning isn't just for your closet and home. It is important for your beauty routine as well. Here are a few things that should be added to your list:

Makeup brushes. Old makeup, oils, skin cells, and bacteria can get trapped in your brushes without regular cleansing. We recommend a deep cleanse every other week with lukewarm water, a brush cleaner, or organic baby soap. For problematic skin, wipe down brushes with rubbing alcohol 1-2 times a week between washes.  

Toss expired beauty products. The average expiration date for makeup is twelve months, with the exception of mascara, which should be tossed every three months. Ready to clean up your routine and ditch the toxic chemicals, fragrances, and dyes altogether? Shop our all natural Alchemy Minerals or book a mineral makeup lesson. 

You should also check your skincare for an expiration date, including your sunscreen. Products can expire anywhere from 6-12 months after opening. Not only are expired products less effective, but could cause irritation and possible bacterial infection. 

Cold, dry winter months may have you looking dull with dead skin cell build up. Transition your skincare from winter to spring by booking a facial. All Alchemy facials include a professional consultation and recommendations to help revamp your routine.

Want to learn more? Book a Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine service! 

Bring in your skin care and makeup and let our Alchemist guide you through spring cleaning your beauty routine. We will give you tips and tricks on how to revive your skin and teach you how to achieve the latest looks for spring. We will provide a guided step by step lesson specifically for you. Don't forget to bring in your makeup brushes, we will give them a deep clean during your appointment or start fresh with new professional brushes. All products purchased will be 20% off! 

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