Rose Quartz Roller Ritual

Rose Quartz Roller Ritual

Rose Quartz Roller Ritual

Merging Eastern and western wellness. Rose quartz has been used for centuries because of its healing, energizing and detoxifying powers. It's also known as the stone of love that opens up the heart chakra to all types of love including self love. Properties also include lowered stress, bringing happiness + soothing to the soul. 

The Roller is a facial massage tool. Using this practice in your routine will result in increased collagen, lifted facial muscles, and better product absorption. 

Facial rolling will also help with lymphatic drainage - the removal of toxins from the body. Drinking lots of water will aid in flushing out toxins as well. Lymphatic drainage reduces puffiness, under eye bags & dark circles - it purifies the skin, reduces inflammation and increases overall glow.

While rolling slow, light and intentional strokes are used with upward and outward motions. Lymph sits right under the surface of the skin so pressure isn't needed, you are rolling fluid under the surface not “rolling out wrinkles”.

Stones naturally stay cool, for an extra rejuvenating and de-puffing experience, place rose quartz roller in the refrigerator or freezer (we recommend keeping it in the box so it doesn't roll out and break). 

After cleansing and toning your skin you may choose to roll over an oil, serum, moisturizer or mask (including sheet masks).

Relaxing, soothing, meditative daily ritual:

Begin with rolling up and down the neck about ten times, may add a little pressure to the side & back of the neck to reduce muscle tension. *If you have breakouts only do the neck, the neck alone will open lymphatic drain for detoxification.

Next roll up and out starting with the chin, and working your way up the cheek, under eye (use the smaller side around the eyes), up the nose, up the forehead, then out and down the “drain”. For the decolletage, opt for downward strokes towards the heart.

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Enjoy the immediate glow effect. 

In skin & spirit, The Alchemists



  • Love the way this feels after a dermaplane 😍

    Maddie on

  • I have noticed my face looking puffier since I graduated college and started a big girl job- probably from the earlier mornings and looking at a computer all day long. I think using a roller would help me so much! Im excited to try it out hopefully!

    Lindsey on

  • No routine is complete without it ✨💧

    B on

  • I love this part of my facial every time! So relaxing and it feels like the roller is really helping al the product soak in!

    Lesley on

  • I just love this, can’t wait to try it!

    Pearl Spinharney on

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