The Alchemy Experience

The Alchemy Experience

The Alchemy Experience

Monthly spa facials aren't a realistic option for most people. Too expensive, too long, not enough time in your busy schedule? These are all reasons the face bar was created. We wanted a place where skin care isn't just a luxury, it's a regularly practiced self-care ritual. 

From weekly targeted express services to monthly skin care maintenance - we offer client specific facials that are fast and convenient at a reasonable price. Whether you are struggling with acne, correcting pigmentation, preventing premature aging or just want to relax & de-stress, we can help customize the perfect treatment plan for you.

You may be wondering which facial is right for you? The answer is: You can choose any of our facials because all services include a personalized consultation + customized products for your individual skin type & concerns. With every facial, experience the magic of touch through our deeply nourishing arm, hand and face massage. 

The open room concept is an inviting environment for you to come solo, bring your mom, a friend or your guy (yes- men get facials too!). At the face bar not only do we love skin care, we also specialize in lashes & mineral makeup. Our community is dedicated to helping others inner beauty shine by enhancing their outer beauty.

At Alchemy we are committed to always evolving and improving to better your experience.  We are excited to announce the revamped treatments on the menu as well as the new HydroGlow facial!

So what are you waiting for!? Call and book today!

In skin and spirit, 

The Alchemists 

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