Everything You Need To Know About Botox at Alchemy Face Bar

Everything You Need To Know About Botox at Alchemy Face Bar

Everything You Need To Know About Botox at Alchemy Face Bar

If you've been thinking about getting Botox, now is the perfect time to book your appointment!

Whether you're looking to soften fine lines around the eyes or want to try a brow lift or lip flip, our cosmetic injectors will help you achieve a rejuvenated look. If this is your first time or if you've been treated before with Botox, here are a few things you need to know about receiving Botox at Alchemy!

1. Areas Treated

How does Botox work? Targeting the right muscles, Botox temporarily blocks nerve signals to the muscles. This prevents the muscle from contracting, so lines can’t appear.

Areas treated:

  • Brow Lift Botox
  • Chin Smoothing Botox
  • Crows Feet Botox
  • Forehead Botox
  • Lip Flip Botox
  • Masseter/Facial Slimming Botox
  • Tech Neck Botox
  • Botox for Perspiration

And remember: units per injection site will vary by client and will be determined by our qualified injectors for optimal results 🤍 Also, appointments are quick! Botox appointments usually take 20 minutes or less.

2. Facials and Botox

If you've already been treating yourself to our amazing facials, but are now wanting to explore cosmetic injectables like Botox - you can still pair both of these services on the same day! It's almost like a 2-for-1 deal. All of our locations have a team of cosmetic injectors that can provide a Botox service and you can see an esthetician for your facial. You will receive your facial first, then receive Botox afterward.

If you don't have room in your schedule to receive both treatments, you can schedule your facial 48 hours after your Botox treatment. 

3. Botox Before and After Care

Our pre and post care procedures are essential! These are set in place to make sure you receive the best results. A few of these include discontinuing the use of fish oil and discontinuing use of Retin-A prior to your appointment. We want you to achieve gorgeous results, so it is very important to keep these on hand!

4. Ways To Save At Your Next Botox Appointment

Who doesn't like saving $$$? At Alchemy Face Bar, when you visit us for your Botox treatment, we will create an Allē account for you. This way you earn points for each Botox treatment (200 points to be exact). You are able to redeem these points on future Botox treatments or on other services like DiamondGlow or SkinMedica products. Each 100 points = $10 (amazing right?!)

Another fun bonus: we also have an Allē Flash QR code that you can scan prior to each appointment. Every time you scan, a surprise offer awaits. This can range from dollars off, free products, or special promos!

You are also able to enjoy seasonal promotions with Botox, like Botox Day which happened on 11/15. You can purchase a $50 Botox Gift Card, get one free! If you weren't able to purchase a gift card, you can still receive double Allē points all November long! (super amazing right?!)


Have a few more q's? We would love to see you for a consultation appointment. We can discuss if Botox is the right treatment for you!



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